C450 V6 Bi-Turbo Dyno Results (W205)

Mercedes Benz new V6 Bi-turbo power-plant is a has proven to respond extremely well to tuning. Recently we had the pleasure of testing our C450 tune with Seth from c450amg.com forum. Other ECU tunes and "piggy-back" boxes were tested on the street and dyno to provide an unbiased comparison and product evaluation. Dyno testing was done at Corr Performance in Louisiana on a All Wheel Drive Dyno Dynamics dyno. Peak gains over stock of +50wHp and +100wTq were reported from dyno testing, with greater gains seen in the mid range. The car tested was in unmodified trim running 93 octane premium gasoline. A dynograph of the results can be seen below.

Baseline vs ECU Tune

For tuning, the ECU must be removed and sent to OE Tuning for modification.

More information, a detailed product evaluation can be found here: http://c450amg.com/product-review/oetuning

Order online here: http://www.oetuning.com/mercedes-benz-c450-3-0-v6-biturbo

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