2015 BMW S1000RR ECU Tune – Dyno Tested

The BMW S1000RR has been the best performing superbike on the market for the last 5 years. The newly updated 2015 S1000RR is no exception, only bettering the previous model with a higher output of 199Hp from factory! Since the release of the 2015 model we have been developing and testing tuning packages to suit. Gains of +8-10wHp and +5-6wTq were seen on the dyno when testing factory stock vs OE Tuning ECU upgrade, running CA91 premium pump gas (pictured below). Tuning packages have been tested to suit different exhaust makes & styles as well as hi-flow intake air filters.

Baseline vs ECU Tune

Price and Tuning Details:

ECU send in only for all BMSX ECUs $795 RRP + return shipping costs. Unfortunately flash loaders are not compatible with this type of ECU.

Features of the Tune Include:

Ignition adjustment

Part load, full load and decal fuelling adjustment

Throttle limit adjustment (including PT/ WOT and 100% load)

Cat temp enrichment adjustment

RPM limit can be raised

Increased torque limits

Calibration to suit aftermarket exhaust systems (O2 connection is essential)


For more information please contact a trained sales representative +1-818-574-5074 or sales@oetuning.com

2 thoughts on “2015 BMW S1000RR ECU Tune – Dyno Tested

  1. Unfortunately the tune can only be loaded with the ECU removed from the bike. There is no diagnostic port flash available yet for 2015 models.

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