2016 Sprinter V6 Bluetec – ECU Tune Dyno Tested

2016 Sprinter

The Sprinter van from Mercedes Benz has long been a reliable, functional workhorse . Now days a Sprinter van can be seen used as a mobile workshop, luxury camper, mobile store or practically any functional mobile space. Once loaded up with a full load and even heavy interior fit outs, the performance  is noticeably less. The best way to compensate for this loss is with a performance ECU tune. Benefits of tuning the V6 Bluetec Diesel power-plant are better fuel economy and faster times getting up to cruising speed. From dyno testing a 2016 V6 Bluetec powered Sprinter van, we saw huge performance gains of +111wTq @3500rpm +74wHp @3600rpm to the wheels on a Dynojet Dyno. These gains are depicted on the dynograph below (red is the stock unmodified baseline run and blue is the the performance ECU tune).

Baseline vs. ECU Tune

Price is $695 with ECU send in. Order here: https://www.oetuning.com/mercedes-benz-sprinter-350-bluetec


6 thoughts on “2016 Sprinter V6 Bluetec – ECU Tune Dyno Tested

  1. Yes, we have tunes available for all Mercedes Benz v6 Bluetec equipped vehicles. Expect the same improved performance with our tune for ML350 Bluetec. For more information, please feel free to email or call to speak with a trained sales representative.
    +1-818-574-5075 or sales@oetuning.com

  2. I have an 2015 Itasca Navion motoerhone on the MB Sprinter chassis. The engine is the L3.0. Will this work on my MH? What can I expect in performance and mileage gain?

  3. We sure can. All MB Sprinter/Bluetec Diesel powered vehicles we can tune.
    Expected gains from tuning are +50-70Hp & +90-100Tq.
    Fuel economy savings have been reported 1-4mpg improvement when comparing highway cruise.

  4. I have a 2020 Coachmen Prism with a 3.0L turbo-diesel. Do you have a performance chip for it? If so, what can I expect?

  5. We can tune all motorhomes that use the Mercedes Benz 3.0L Diesel Blue-Tec powertrain.
    Typical gains to the engine are +50-60Hp & +70-80Tq.

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