2020 Mercedes Benz A220 (US spec) – Performance ECU Tune Dyno Tested

The A Class has recently been introduced to the US market with the base model A220. Boasting 188hp and 221ft.lbs from the M264 inline 4 cylinder turbo charged powerplant. From testing a 2020 4-matic A220 on an all wheel drive Dynojet Dynamometer, we saw that the output specs are a little under stated from factory. Vehicle was tested with California 91 Octane Premium Pump Gas. MyGenius OBD2 flash-loader supports this platform for loading tuned maps.

After installing OE Tuning Stage1 ECU tune, we saw gains of +31.7awHp & +41.1awTq @4100rpm and +34.5awHp & +32.2awTq @5600rpm (aw – “All Wheel”).

Dynograph of Baseline (un-tuned) vs Stage1 ECU tune is below. Blue runs are Stock, Red Runs are Tuned.

2020 Mercedes Benz A220 Dynograph – Stock vs OE Tuning Stage1 ECU Tune

Mercedes Benz A220 M264 (US Spec) ECU Tune Dyno Tested – OE Tuning Stage1

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3 thoughts on “2020 Mercedes Benz A220 (US spec) – Performance ECU Tune Dyno Tested

  1. Any progress with the CLA line?! (M260?!) It would be nice to see the curve on that platform and any feedback on your warranty tests (e.g., as Trifecta/APR etc. does). Thanks!

  2. The A Class and CLA are the same powertrain and platform. The details above are the same.
    No warranty is offered.

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