Alfa Romeo 4C – ECU Tune Dyno Tested

Italian auto maker Alfa Romeo has launched its entry into the US market with the 4C. The 1.7L Turbocharged 4C is a lightweight, small sized, semi-exotic car with plenty of bang for the buck. Large carbon fiber weave adorns the interior cockpit with a nice amount or leather to balance, giving the interior a much more superior feel compared to other cars in this class like the Lotus Elise or Exige. The light and nimble 4C feels fine driving in stock form, but after tuning becomes a super responsive, super fun drive that brings a grin from ear to ear.

4C on the Dyno

We recently had the opportunity to put a brand new unmodified US Spec Alfa 4C on the dyno to see what potential ECU tuning would yield. The results were fantastic, with much better response and power in the low end and a much harder pulling on the top end. The final result as seen on a Mainline dyno were gains of +48-55wHp gained on the mid range to top end and +55-60wTq gained on the low end through mid range (Dynograph displayed below). This upgrade is a huge improvement to power and overall performance, making the 4C a super fun car for spirited canyon and track driving.

Baseline vs ECU Tune

Modification Type: ECU send in

Price: $1000

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