Another W212 E63AMG – Dyno Tuned

Here are the results from the latest Mercedes Benz W212 E63 AMG tuning. This is the same 6.2L AMG engine as C63, CLK63, CLK63 Black Series, W211 E63, S63, SL63, ML63. The results were very strong and demonstrate what the “off the shelf” tune is expected to yield without custom tuning. Gains of +50wHp@6600rpm & +49wTq@4100rpm were seen on a Dyno Dynamics 4×4 dyno running CA91 pump gas. The testing procedure involves the ecu being made accessible under front passenger wheel well. Then the car is driven onto the dyno for 3 baseline pulls. The best of the 3 runs is used as the baseline. After baseline, the ecu is removed and tuned accordingly (ecu is not even read until after baseline has been run). Now the “Tuned” pull is measured by running 3 runs (you can see on the YouTube video 2 nearly identical tuned runs). Once all runs are seen to be consistent the best run is then selected to compare against the best baseline. This ensures the best/fairest/unbiased testing, as the car is strapped down the same, no parts changed out, using same gas in the tank and the climate and conditions are the same if the time between runs is 30 minutes to 1 hour.

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