OBD2 Personal Flasher


Every car has a hidden potential, and unlocking it has never been easier with our compact OBD2 personal flasher!

Small, portable, yet powerful.

OBD2 Personal Flasher is easy to use thanks to its OBD connection and the direct connection with the world’s best tuners.

Find OE Tuning in Tuner List

Connect your vehicle, read available data, and in a few clicks you’re in touch with OE Tuning.

Unlock your car’s potential

Want to quickly switch from city driving to track day configuration? Now it’s possible with OBD2 Personal Flasher!

What Vehicles are Currently Supported?


How It Works?

Download the software, create an account in a few steps, and you’re ready to go. Connect the OBD2 Personal Flasher and follow the instructions: you’re one step away from upgrading your vehicle. Connect, read, and create a new working session.

Watch “Setup & Reading” on YouTube:

OBD2 Personal Flasher

OBD2 personal flasher is easy-to-use, smart, portable, and highly connected.

– OBD Connection

Easy to connect and stable in data transfer.

– No VIN restriction

Same tool, limitless vehicles.

– Tuner Network

Find OE Tuning in the dedicated list and get in touch with them.

– Pro file service

Certified and acclaimed industry professionals for top-quality files.

– Huge vehicle list

A vast and continuously expanding list

– Stock/Original read access

Restore your vehicle to factory conditions in just a few steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you might have about OBD2 Personal Flasher…..

  • Once used, can OBD2 Personal Flasher work with only one vehicle or can I use it with other vehicles?

OBD2 Personal Flasher can be reused with every vehicle listed in its dedicated list. You’ll need to repeat the connection and reading procedure and generate a new session ID as well as a new file.

  • How can I know if OBD2 Personal Flasher is compatible with my vehicle?

Determining vehicle compatibility is quite simple: just consult the dedicated list.

  • What devices is OBD2 Personal Flasher compatible with?

OBD2 Personal Flasher works on Windows operating system (version 10 recommended); you just need to download the dedicated software.

  • Does OBD2 Personal Flasher need to be connected to the internet?

Yes, OBD2 Personal Flasher requires an active internet connection to function.

How to Order

Please contact OE Tuning to order.

+1 818-574-5075


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McLaren 650S Stage 1 ECU Tune – Dyno Tested


Carbon Fiber, Twin-Turbo, British………………. This particular supercar is the the McLaren 650S. The more refined 650S model shares 25% of its parts with the 12C predecessor with a bump in output to 641Hp at the flywheel from the M838T 3.8L Twin-Turbo V8.

From dyno testing a 2016 McLaren 650s, we saw gains of +85Hp and +100Tq to the wheels on a Mustang Dyne Dyno. Dyno testing was done in California, running 91 octane premium pump gas, with our Stage 1 ECU Tune.  Results can be observed below. (Dotted lines are the Stock Baseline, Solid lines are the STAGE1 Output)


650S Dynograph
McLaren 650S Dynograph



Purchase McLaren 650S Tune Here

For more information about tuning for McLaren models, please contact one of our trained sales representatives, sales@oetuning.com or +1-818-574-5075

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