BMW 420i (N20B20) ECU Tuning – Dyno Tested

Recently we had the opportunity to dyno test our ECU tune for BMW 420i (F32) with 2.0L N20B20 powerplant. The 420i was tested on a 4×4 Dyno Dynamics dynamometer at OE Tuning Master dealer, BMR Autowerkes in Sydney, Australia. Tested vehicle had a “piggy back” tuning box connected so we tested power with tuning box connected first, then removed the tuning box, tested stock baseline power before loading the ECU tune for testing. The ECU tuning results over the tuning box were very strong at every RPM point. When the ECU tune is compared to the stock power run, the gains are amazing! ECU Tuned power is more than a stock 428i! +40-45% more power!!

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2 thoughts on “BMW 420i (N20B20) ECU Tuning – Dyno Tested

  1. We have done this comparison on the dyno and the details are depicted in the 2nd dynograph displayed.

    Baseline (unmodified): Green
    BMS Piggyback: Blue
    OE Tuning ECU Tune: Red

    As can be seen from the dynograph, the OE Tuning ECU tune puts down stronger power and torque to the wheels at all rpms when compared to piggyback.

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