BMW E93 (convertible) M3 V8: ECU Tune Dyno tested

The E93 BMW M3, is the hardtop convertible version of BMW’s V8 M3. Utilizing the handling and performance of its hardtop siblings, the E93 is every bit the track inspired M3 less the 441 lb. (200 kg) weight difference. We recently had the pleasure of testing OE Tuning’s standard flash on a 2010-2 vehicle that came in with no mods running CA91 pump gas. The results to the wheel were great! +21.2wHp & +14.2wTq Peak Gains were seen on our Dyno Dynamics dyno (displayed on the graph below) with solid gains seen throughout the entire rpm band. For information on how to order, please contact

baseline vs. ECU Tune

This products is available for US$795.00 (from OE tuning dealers and ECU send in) or $995 with E-Z Flash (includes 4x map pack). More information on map switching and OBD2 flash loaders for BMW can be found here:

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