BMW E9x N/A In-line 6 Valvetronic – Dyno Comparison (325i vs 328i vs 330i)

Here are the results from recent testing of 3 BMW E9x vehicles: 325i, 328i & 330i. All vehicles have no modifications to the engine and came in running CA91 premium pump gas. Each graph depicts the baseline (before tuning) vs. after ecu tuning runs. The engine configuration is the same in these vehicles with the exception of the 330i which has a different intake with variable geometry. Exhausts differ slightly also. From a tuning stand point these vehicles differ only slightly with the exception of key maps. Adjustments to the “valvetronic” tables make for safe and easy power gains from tuning. Each tune is a complete product with features like; top speed limiter removal, with improvement to throttle response and all round drivability. Each of these products is available for US$395.95 (from OE tuning dealers and ECU send in) or $595 with E-Z Flash (includes 4x map pack). More information on map switching and OBD2 flash loaders for BMW can be found here:

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Baseline vs. ECU Tune
Baseline vs. ECU Tune
Baseline vs. ECU Tune


7 thoughts on “BMW E9x N/A In-line 6 Valvetronic – Dyno Comparison (325i vs 328i vs 330i)

  1. is that a 328i CA91 an SULEV with N51 3 stage intake manifold? the torque band is vary similar to 330i…

  2. An ECU tune is always a better alternative to an “interceptor” tuning box. Tuning boxes fight with and manipulate input and output signals generated by the ECU and engine sensors. This results in many background faults triggered that are constantly being deleted by the device. An ECU Tune sets/changes parameters and targets in the software code (tune) in order to make more power. Some of these parameters or maps include: boost targets, torque management, fueling, ignition, throttle response and speed limiter removal.
    Stronger numbers on the dyno (notably top end) have been seen when comparing an OE Tune vs. “interceptor” box. “Interceptor” boxes have been seen to run lean with no fuel adjustment when compared to a developed ECU tune. No limp mode with ECU flash (biggest reason not to buy an “interceptor” box).

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