BMW i8 – Dyno Testing

The automotive industry is an exciting and fast paced environment filled with ever changing technologies and advancements. One of the most notable advancements is the addition of Electric power plants in road going vehicles. When thinking of e-cars, most people automatically think of that slow Prius driver in the fast lane holding up regular traffic….. The i8 from BMW will have you change your mind in an instant.

The i8 is powered by way of a hybrid synchronous motor producing 129 hp & 184 lb·ft of torque to the front wheels and a 129 hp & 184 lb·ft, 1.5L I3 turbo engine (as found in the Mini Turbo) to power the rear. Combined output is 357 hp & 420 lb·ft of torque. This vehicle is a plugin electric vehicle for the e-motor with an added regular gasoline engine. When electric power runs out the car can operate  completely on gasoline power. The electric fuel cell is charged  during braking and cruise when not utilizing e-power when not plugged in for charging.

i8 at SEMA 2015


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