BMW S1000RR – ECU Tuning Tested

The BMW S1000RR is the best performing superbike on the market today. Boasting close to 200Hp from the factory, the S1000RR is the superbike industry standard. Over the past months we have been developing BMW Motorrad tuning packages.  Gains of +12-15wHp and +5-8wTq have been seen on the dyno when testing factory stock vs OE Tuning ECU upgrade (pictured below). Tuning packages have been tested to suit different exhaust makes & styles, intake filters as well as cam and head upgrades. Highly modified bikes we have seen put down over 220wHp on the dyno. We have flash tuners that load modified maps to the bike via the BMSK diagnostic port. Included with each flash loader purchase is a tuning map pack to suit current modifications with premium pump fuel, a RACE fuel tune and the ability to return to the factory stock map.

BMW S1000RR Dynograph displaying Stock Baseline vs. ECU Tune


BMW Motorrad models tested to suit BMSK Flash Loader:


S1000RR HP4








Flash BMW Motorrad with Performance Tunes

Map Pack includes: Premium fuel tune, RACE tune (100/105/109 Octane), Original factory stock map. Bike can always be flashed back to the original factory map for service etc. No need to remove ecu and send in for modification (applies to all BMW bikes with BMSK Bosch ECU).

New BMSX ECU tuning also available with ECU send in.

To order please contact or +1-818-574-5075.

BMW Motorrad Tuning


20 thoughts on “BMW S1000RR – ECU Tuning Tested

  1. Good afternoon. I have a 2010 S1000RR with full Brock system fitted. Power commander 5 with auto tune and Standard filter. Will this unit provide any better HP to the bike? If so please let me know on Price. Many thanks Jurie.

  2. I have a 2014 s1000rr, running straight headers. Do you make a tune that makes it acceptable to run straight headers without losing horse power? If so with the tune will i gain horsepower?

  3. Hi I have a BMW1000 with a Brocks CT meg which pulled a disappointing 181rwhp and 78ft/lb Tq and I’m wondering what I might hope for with your system and how much your system costs.. My bike was flash tuned by Max at Max’s BMW in Brookfield, CT. My bike is a 2013.

  4. Hi my bike is 2010 with custom made exhaust and bmc filter please provide me with price for unit and are the maps free

  5. Hello good day

    Is possible Chip Racing BMW S1000RR Year 2012 with ECU Bosch 0 261 209 606. BMSKP 8 523 966

    Thanks Sr

    Marcelo Ferreyra

  6. Hi I have a s1000rr 2013 model I have a cs racing exhaust system K an N air filter engine is stock would like a price on unit and price on the mapping

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