C63 AMG: Dyno comparison – P31 AMG Development Package

Mercedes Benz has made available a high performance vehicle option for C63 AMG, the “P31 Development Package”.  Features of the P31 Package include:

  • Increased engine output (481 hp)
  • Red-painted brake calipers with 2 piece rotors
  • Top speed raised to 174 mph
  • Carbon fiber rear spoiler & Interior pieces

So, we decided to do a dyno comparison of a P31 C63 AMG and a regular C63 AMG without P31 Package, on the same dyno, the same day, running CA91 premium fuel.  Both vehicles tested were 2011 models. Differences between the two vehicles tuning from factory are; the lower output “regular” C63 AMG has a throttle opening limiter when driving WOT (Wide Open Throttle).  As can be seen depicted on the dynograph below, when looking at the “regular” C63 AMG baseline, power goes flat at approximately 5500rpm until redline due to throttle closure. Also note horsepower on “regular” non-P31 C63 AMG baseline is less when compared to P31 C63 AMG baseline. In conclusion, peak numbers from tuning are roughly the same between vehicles.

Figures seen at the wheels during dyno testing:


  • Non-P31 C63 AMG Baseline – 363.6wHp & 343.6wtq (grey)
  • Non-P31 C63 AMG Tuned – 421.3wHp & 374wtq (orange)


  • P31 C63 AMG Baseline – 390.8wHp & 352.6wtq (blue) 394.3wHp & 347.3wtq  (pink)
  • P31 C63 AMG Tuned – 427.0wHp & 381.4wtq (green) 421.0wHp & 384.6wtq (red)
             (P31 C63 AMG has: 2x baselines and 2x tuned runs to demonstrate consistency.)


Baselines vs. Tuned Runs (P31 & “regular” C63 AMG)


2013 C63 P31 dyno results, baseline vs ECU tune. Gains of +20whp & + 20wTq were seen on a Dyno Dynamics 2WD dyno, running CA91 premium pump gas. The vehicle is MyGenius Flash Loader compatible.

Baseline vs. ECU Tune

OE Tuning M156 63AMG Flash Tuning.

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