Fast Five “Ultimate Heist Vehicle” Challenge

Last Wednesday, we entered our two shop cars into the Fast Five “Ultimate Heist Vehicle Challenge” in which the organizers of the event set out to find which car would be able to handle lugging around the stolen loot and escaping from the police in the least amount of time. Staged at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosamond,Ca, this challenge was to put any car that entered, through a brutal test that would result in one car rising above the rest as the “Ultimate Heist Vehicle”. Upon arrival, we quickly noticed that the 2011 X5M that we had entered would be the immediate favorite amongst not only ourselves, but also our competitors in regards to both the gratuitous amount of both horsepower and cargo room provided. Alongside the X5M, we had another ace up our sleeves in the form of a black 2011 C63 AMG that just received the latest that  OE Tuning has to offer. Equipped with long tube headers, exhaust system and OE Tuning’s latest ECU file, the C63’s bite was equally as ferocious as its bark and that surely impressed the judges. While not exactly what we’d like to call an underdog, the C63’s 600BHP was definitely no slouch. Although not sure of the cargo room provided in the car, we went ahead and handed the keys over to Grand Am and Redline Time Attack superstar Jeff Westphal to see what he could do, and well….we’ll let the results speak for themselves. Watch “Part 2” to see OE Tuning’s C63 take out the victory.

Special thanks to Tim Whitcome & Crew @ Autotopias, Fireball Tim, Ed @ HMS, AE Performance, Matt Farrah, Jeff Westphal, Arya “Scarface” Omidvar, Richie & Krista Taylor and Dustin Bramell.

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