Ferrari F430 – ECU Tune Dyno Results

Here are the results from dyno testing a Ferrari F430, tuned by OE Tuning. The car came in running CA91 octane pump gas with no modifications. The gains in performance were fantastic after the ecu tune. An extra +22 wheel Horsepower was made on the dyno with the ecu tune when compared to the baseline pull. With noticable gains in horsepower and torque made through out the entire rpm range.

Baseline vs. ECU Tune

First on road driving impressions by the owner:  “OMG…… I did not realize that there was so much more power left on the table by the manufacturer. WOW!”
This is a fantastic set-up that will suit everyone from the track warrior to the enthusiast wanting a little more on the street.


Below are the results from tuning the same Ferrari F430 with the addition of cat-less RACE headers and valved exhaust. The baseline (Purple) represents the vehicle with no ECU tune (ECU Tune removed) with exhaust added. The vehicle was then tuned and run again, represented by the Pink plot. All runs were made with exhaust valves open. In conclusion, the Ferrari F430 was capable of making stronger power (more than +30wHp) with the OE tuning ECU Tune through the entire RPM range with the addition of an exhaust, resulting in the engine breathing easier.

Baseline vs. ECU Tune

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