GL450 V6 BiTurbo ECU Tune – Dyno Tested

Mercedes Benz new 3.0L V6 Biturbo has proven to be a great platform for performance tuning. The GL450 comes standard with 362 Horsepower and 369 Torque. After tuning we saw huge gains of +124wTq @3600rpm and +106wHp @4600rpm to all 4 wheels on a 4×4 Mainline Dyno. An unmodified GL450 running CA91 premium pump fuel was dyno tested. ¬†Gains can be seen on the pictured graph below, the unmodified Baseline (Blue) vs OE Tuning ECU Tune (Red).

Power and performance ECU upgrade from OE Tuning includes:

  • Increased Boost Targets (16psi)
  • Fuel Adjustment
  • Improved Throttle response
  • Top Speed Limiter removal
  • Raised Torque Limits
Baseline vs ECU Tune

Price for tuning is $1195 and requires the ECU to be removed and sent in for tuning. Please contact to place your order.


3 thoughts on “GL450 V6 BiTurbo ECU Tune – Dyno Tested

  1. Hi BJ, Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the tune for my SL550 – though I don’t have access to a dyno, the difference in HP and torque is amazing. I was a little bummed with the needed extra power for the battery hassle, but after it was successfully programmed, count me as a satisfied customer. Thanks for a great product!

  2. Question, if you could respond back either here or to my email listed that would be great.

    I just picked up the C450 AMG, can you guys tune this engine? Located in the Midwest with 93 octance as the fuel of choice…curious what gains you think this tune could show given the details listed above. **I will not hold you to your response when I decide to get a tune through you guys. I am just curious, hypothetically, what to expect!



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