GLA45 AMG ECU Tune Dyno Tested – Stage 2

The 2.0L Turbo M133 powerplant found in the 45AMG is proving to be a great platform for modifications and making power from tuning. Already claiming 360Hp from factory, after tuning the ECU we see a 30-35% Power and Torque increase.

Stage 2 Tuning:

We recently had the opportunity to test our Stage 2 ECU tune for 45AMG on a GLA45 AMG equipped with Weistec downpipe and the results speak for them self…… While testing on a 4×4 Mainline Dyno we saw gains of +90-95awHp and +95-100awTq from just the tune alone (Baseline test was with downpipe already installed.). Dyno displayed below depicts HP and Tq gains at all 4 wheels. Light blue is the Baseline test and Yellow is the ECU Tuned test.

Spinning tires is no problem with our Stage 2 ECU Tune!

Features of the tune include:

–      Increased Boost Targets

–      Increased Performance and Drivability

–      Fuel and Ignition Adjustment

–      Higher Torque request for TCU

–      Speed limiter removal

–      Improved throttle response

–      Rpm and shifting limits can also be increased

The price for Stage 1 and Stage 2 tuning is $1195. We can tune your vehicle locally at our shop in Huntington Beach while you wait, or the ecu can to be removed and sent in for modification. For more information, please contact a trained sales representative, or +1-818-574-5075.

Baseline vs. ECU Tune



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