Hyundai Veloster Turbo – ECU Tune Results

After testing and dyno tuning Stage2 packages for Veloster 1.6L i4 Turbo, we decided to revisit tuning for an unmodified vehicle running CA91 premium pump gas. Retuning proved to make more power than previous tunes was making to the wheels! Final gains of +55wHp & +71.2wTq @3580rpm & +42wHp & + 28.2wTq @6148rpm (shown on dynograph pictured below). The unmodified run is described in light blue and the tuned run is described in red.

Features of the tune include:

– Increased Boost Pressure

– Removal of “Turbo Lag”

– Ignition and Fuel adjustment

– Improved Throttle Response

– Removed top speed limiter

– RPM can be raised

Baseline vs ECU Tune

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18 thoughts on “Hyundai Veloster Turbo – ECU Tune Results

  1. Hi.can I make more power than this with catless downpipe.full exhaust. Cai.intercooler.colder spark plug and 91 octane???

    Thanks to reply

  2. I have a 2016 VT Rally E and I am looking to buy an ECU with a custom tune. I plan to keep my stock ECU as a back or spare. I see a lot of ECU for sale but I can’t tell which years work best for tuning and also which work with my car. It is a keyed ignition not a push button and a MT.

  3. We can tune your ECU no problem.
    Spare ECUs must be coded to your car by a dealer before sending in. We do not offer replacement ECUs. Secondhand ECUs are coded to another vehicle and cannot be used unless cloned with your current ECU.

  4. The tune can always be removed for warranty concerns. We do not offer additional warranty with this product. The product has been tested over time to be safe and reliable, without affecting warranty.

  5. Gud am what is the baseline dyno result and final .im based in qatar how can i avail the i need a tuner or dyi user friendly input tnx.

  6. Please contact our dealer in Doha, Qatar for local tuning:
    Garage Super Charge
    +974 44603945
    Induatreail Area St # 30 Gate # 45,
    Doha, ,
    Qatar, P.O.Box 17

  7. hey! I’m extremely interested in getting my 2016 Hyundai Veloster tuned. it’s not a turbo unfortunately. would I still see a slight gain?

  8. With an aftermarket exhaust, intake, catless downpipe, and intercooler, do you guys custom tune? If so, would it be the same price as a canned tune? And lastly, would you guys know the estimated gains? Sorry about so many questions. Thanks!

  9. I have a veloster rally e that I want to tune. How can I send my ecu to you guys ?

  10. Hi,
    Do you guys do custom tune? I have btrcc tune, but it f$#@*d up my engine(Thanks god that warranty covered the cost for my engine rebuilt). I want to find some one to tune my veloster turbo properly. Will you guys be the one?

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