Jaguar F-Pace S with 3.0L V6 Supercharged – ECU Tune Dyno Tested

F-Pace S on the Dyno

The latest offering from Jaguar is the F-Pace mid sized SUV. Stylish new looks and the interior styling you would expect from Jaguar, make this a good looking and very comfortable vehicle built for all terrain. Let’s not forget about the performance of the the Supercharged 3.0L V6 power plant. Proven already in other earlier Jag models like the S-Type, the Supercharged V6 is a beast that responds extremely well to tuning. After recent dyno testing, performance gains of +44wHp & +39wTq @6089rpm were seen to the wheels when testing on an AWD Mainline Dyno (depicted on dynograph below). The vehicle tested was a “First Edition” vehicle with no modifications, running CA91 octane premium gasoline.

This vehicle is also supported by our OBD2 Android end user flashing system.

Baseline vs. ECU Tune

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