McLaren 650S Stage 1 ECU Tune – Dyno Tested


Carbon Fiber, Twin-Turbo, British………………. This particular supercar is the the McLaren 650S. The more refined 650S model shares 25% of its parts with the 12C predecessor with a bump in output to 641Hp at the flywheel from the M838T 3.8L Twin-Turbo V8.

From dyno testing a 2016 McLaren 650s, we saw gains of +85Hp and +100Tq to the wheels on a Mustang Dyne Dyno. Dyno testing was done in California, running 91 octane premium pump gas, with our Stage 1 ECU Tune.  Results can be observed below. (Dotted lines are the Stock Baseline, Solid lines are the STAGE1 Output)


650S Dynograph
McLaren 650S Dynograph



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One thought on “McLaren 650S Stage 1 ECU Tune – Dyno Tested

  1. Still enjoying my McLaren 12C you guys tuned for me years ago! I’ll be in touch if I ever update to a newer Mc. Best Wishes, Gary W.

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