Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG – Stage-1 & Stage-2 ECU Tunes Dyno Tested

Mercedes Benz has charged into the intermediate market once strongly held by BMW 335i, Golf GTi and 45AMG to give consumers who want more power the option over a standard C300, without the extra price tag of a C63S AMG. The result…… The C43 AMG, producing 362hp & 442Tq at the crank, from a 3.0L V6 Bi-Turbo! With OE Tuning’s experience tuning Mercedes-Benz vehicles, it was always the plan to develop complete tuning packages for the entire 43AMG line. Testing concluded that our Stage-1 tune made an increase of +79.8wHp @4730rpm and +140wTq @3930rpm (refer to Dyno1 below), while our Stage-2 tune with down-pipes added yielded +92.4wHp @4465rpm and +166.1wTq @3750rpm (+70.1wHp gain on the topend! refer to Dyno2 below). Same car tested on the same Mainline 4×4 dyno, running CA91 premium pump gas. Gains are based on the comparisons made to the stock C43 AMG baseline results.


With OE Tuning products for the 43AMG line, you get more horsepower and torque throughout the entire RPM range with other performance benefits as well.

– Improved throttle response
– Increased boost pressure resulting in reduced turbo lag for instant power delivery
– Top speed limiter delete
– RPM limiter raised
– Ignition and fuel adjustment

From testing across the wide range of chassis the 43AMG is optioned, we ensure safe horsepower and torque gains are made while improving drivability for everyday driving.
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