Smart Car Tuning (451) – 1.0L US Spec ECU Tuning

US Spec Smart Car Dyno

We have all seen Smart cars on the road.  Small, economical and park anywhere.  What most do not know about these cars, is that they can be very fun to drive while staying extremely practical.  We have been tuning Smart cars in the USA, since they were available for purchase in 2008. Over this time, much has been learned about what is needed to improve the driving experience.  From tuning the ECU performance is improved with increased throttle response, removed top speed limiter and reduction in the jerkiness and lunging between shifts.  This makes for a smoother car to drive and enjoyable ride.

Stage 1 ECU Tune

The stage 1 tune is designed with the driver in mind.  We recommend using premium fuel for best performance gains and best fuel economy.

The car tested was a 2014 US Spec Smart 451 1.0L naturally aspirated engine with no mods running 91 octane premium fuel on a 2WD Dyno Dynamics dyno. Gains of +5wHp were seen on the dyno @6850rpm, a 12% improvement in power with +7-8wTq gained. The dynograph below displays stock in red and tuned in blue.


451 Smart Car Dynograph – 1.0L US Spec

Top speed after tuning was verified via GPS. 113mph was seen on the GPS when the speedometer was maxed out.

113.5mph on GPS

Stage 2 ECU Tune

Stage 2 includes install of headers with OE Tuning Stage 2 ECU Tune to suit. Gains over stock after installing headers and retuning were +16.1wHp a 26% increase in power over stock, with +15wTq.  Below is the dynograph displaying stock in read vs. stage 2 tune with headers in blue. The car is now much faster and really fun to drive.

Stage 2 Power!

For more information or to place an order, please contact or +1-818-574-5075.

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