OE Tuning F80 M3 – ECU Tune Dyno Testing and Development

Recently we had the opportunity to dyno test the OE Tuning Stage 1 ECU tune for 2015 BMW F80 M3 at Autowave in their state of the art Mainline Dyno Cell. The benefits of testing a high performance vehicle in a well engineered dyno cell are many. Maintaining constant airflow, cooling and intake air temps while keeping all conditions the same, ensure rolling road conditions similar to on road driving. The results are accurate data to make operating changes needed to gain the best, safe performance and numbers to the wheel. Also the benefit of CAN logging via OBD2 allows the tuner to compare real-time vehicle operating data against dyno recorded output variables like Horsepower and Air-Fuel ratio. Whether you are wanting to dyno a Honda or exotic Italian sports car, Autowave’s Mainline dyno cell is state of the art and extremely accurate for tuning any vehicle.
The vehicle tested was a 2015 F80 M3 with no mods running CA91 premium pump gas. After tuning the 3.0 L S55B30 inline 6 twin turbo powerplant, gains of +75wTq and +65wHp were seen to the wheels with only the addition of OE Tuning ECU Tune. After the ECU is unlocked, tunes are loaded via OBD2. Another tune feature is the option for owners is to enable exhaust “Crackles and Pops” made in overrun. Below is a video that better describes this process.

Baseline vs OE Tuning ECU Tune

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